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reminds me of you. fiery and s w e e t, all at the same time. a flame in the dark, lighting my way. .


How am I supposed to trust a man who no longer believes in love.
I  s t i l l   d o . 

For blue, blue skies .   



#gOD YOU LO v E EAC HT OTHER S OF UCK ING MUCH #hELp mE, #perfectly spelled otp tag, #perfectly spelled character tag

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--The Blame Game--


From jamespotterly:

what would you say to a mash shipper asking why it seems as though you pin a lot of the blame on bash for the legitimization plot when it was in fact mary’s idea to marry him? technically, its mary’s fault for ruining francis’ life. a lot of mash shipper’s arguments against francis anger at bash say that bash did it to save francis. there isn’t any proof that he did /all/ of it to “claim” mary. i’d just like an intelligent response to those shippers because i am not nearly as eloquent as you.

I’m answering this in a text post, because where do I start?

I suppose I would say that the reason Francis pins a lot of the blame on Bash is the very same reason that Bash seems to think it was Francis who “stopped” his marriage to Mary, and that is this:


As Bob Dylan once said: “You can’t be wise and in love at the same time.”

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Adelaide Kane for BELLO Magazine 2014


tumblr staff: u kno what would be so funny if we gave them an option 2 upgrade 2 tumblr pro and then… we just… put top hats… on the icons……… 

*everyone laughs and agrees*


Just click here and uncheck the ‘avatar drop html’ box to remove the tumblr pro hat!

she started out as such an ugly ducklingand somehow suddenly became a swan